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My Travels

Every year, I like to take a few weeks off of work and do road trips across the United States. My goal is to eventually travel to all of the National Parks in America. These photos are a collection of some of my favorite shots from these travels. 

I particularly enjoy wildlife and nature photography, as it is how I got started in the field of photography. It is always a refreshing to be able to get back to my photography roots and capture all of the amazing scenes and animals of my travel. I hope you enjoy these photos! 

I usually have these photos on display (and for sale) at coffeeshops around the Madison area. So give me a shoutout if you do see them around! 

More About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you enjoy the photos that you see here, feel free to share and comment on my photos here.

A little bit about me,  I am originally from Atlanta, GA. After attending Emory University in Atlanta, I moved to Denver, CO for a year to teach middle school math and enjoy the beautiful Colorado mountains. In 2017, I moved to Madison, WI, and have quickly come to enjoy my time in the Midwest. My favorite locations in Madison are James Madison Park, the Capitol, and Memorial Union. 

Proud to be able to constantly work with Kai (pictured below), my tiny English Mastiff, and Professor McGonnell. They are the best models I know, as they are always photo ready.  

My portfolio includes engagement shoots, family portraits, weddings, and event photography. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about my work! 

My Photo Style

I like to capture people in a more candid manner, and find the result to be more aesthetically pleasing in the end. During photo shoots, I like to get to know you first, and get you talking about yourself so I can translate that into the photos. I promise to make all photoshoots fun and exciting, and for quick turnaround times.

In terms of style, I take a photojournalist approach to my photography, and like to shoot in a more behind the scenes vibe and not be intrusive in order to capture those more intimate and candid moments.       

Let me know if you have any questions, and let's get together to talk about what you want for your next session!                       

Video Partners Jari and Xia Xiong

For those interested in having a videographer at their weddings and other events, I have partnered with Jari and Xia Xiong who are Madison natives with years of experience. This is their most recent wedding highlight video, enjoy!