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Gumball Wall

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This is a little different from my usual wildlife and nature photography. I was waiting for my prints to be completed at the nearby Art Warehouse and was walking around the area when I came across this beautiful clean line of green and pink wall with the warm hues of the lamp glowing. I really love the way the green and pink colors contrasted on this wall to create this image. 

My favorite review of this is from a kid who told me that it reminds me of Cosmo and Wanda The Fairly OddParents and I have considered renaming it the Cosmo and Wanda Wall as an alternative name. 

Photo was taken in December 2022 in Chattanooga, TN by the Dodd's Tunnel. 


Photo is available for purchase as a framed print or as a metal print. 

All paper prints are printed with archival matte acid free paper, and are acid free matted to ensure the highest quality prints and longevity. 

Metal print are made on high-quality aluminum sheet that has been treated with a special coating that allows the ink to be infused directly into the metal surface and include a float mount for easy wall mounting. 


All sales are final and no refunds will be given for prints. If product arrives damaged, contact me within 48 hours at or my contact page to receive a free replacement. 


Print turn around times are typically 2-3 business days. I can meet to deliver your prints in the Chattanooga and frequently am in the Atlanta area also for delivery. 


Prints typically arrive in 7-10 business days. 

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